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Artmarine Group was established in May 2007. Presently, it has a strong reputation of a company with the fastest growth among the forwarding companies of the North-Western region of Russian Federation. Target of the company which was set up during its foundation is positioning of the company on the market as the most reliable forwarder. At the moment, we can proudly state that we achieved this status due to the fact we had managed to create a team of young and ambitious professionals within our company. The quality of the service we provide our customers with, meets the highest international standards of forwarding. We offer to our clients the logistics chains with the highest benefits to them and with the optimal correlation of “price-speed-quality” indices. We use the most up-to-dated technologies for container tracking, allowing to our customers to get information about their cargo in real time.

The main advantages with Artmarin Group

  shipping of refrigerated cargo in its own containers from European ports (since May 2007)

  cargo insurance by our partners (since October 2007)

  shipping of all types of cargo from Europe, China and the US, all options for deliveries "from the door" (since April 2008).

  presence of own office in Rotterdam (Netherlands) (since November 2008)

  shipping of consolidated cargo from Europe and China (since February 2009)

  intraport forwarding of ALL types of cargo and shipping to the client's warehouse in the Russian Federation (since September 2009)

 export organization from the port of St. Petersburg (since January 2010)

 shipping of urgent cargo by air (since August 2010)

 shipping of oversized cargo from China, Europe and the USA (since January 2011)

 customs clearance of import and export cargo (since November 2011)

 customs clearance of import and export cargo (since November 2011)

We have excellent work process with:

reliable and trusted carriers

representatives of customs and permit structures


monitoring shipping of goods to the consignee's warehouse;

;individual approach to the requirements and peculiarities of the client

individual payment plans

Customers of Artmarine Group are the biggest trading companies in Russia and abroad. We also cooperate with the most shipping lines calling Saint-Petersburg port. Artmarine Group performs in this field as the most reliable new generation forwarder. Our team is absolutely sure about positive prospects of Artmarine Group and our customers. We will do our utmost to develop our company and provide our partners with the widest scope of new quality standard service. This is to announce very positive news for the Company. As from May, 2008 our team got 3 excellent professionals, therefore we became stronger and faster. But this is not the end. Despite the crisis we continue searching for top logistic managers and as from November we gained the forth person within 6 months. This positive trend is very well welcomed by our customers who get appropriate service on a high level. By searching new stars in logistic world we move towards to new business and hope for future development. Say, 7 months ago we mainly focused on European cargo transports, but now Artmarine group has vast possibilities for shipping cargo from Asia and both Americas. It reflects situation on the market which is globalized. Just contact us - we always have something to offer! Of course, Company can not develop without good and reliable agents and partners. Nowadays Artmarine Group cooperates with many good and reliable companies throughout the World. But we felt necessity to do something more. In this connection we are proud to inform all our customers that Rotterdam office of Artmarine Group started it working as from 11th of November, 2008. improving the service and make it even better and cheaper than it is now. Everybody knows that human resources are vitally important in constructing new business. So, Artmarine was really lucky by hiring one of the most respective and creative logistic managers - Mr. Marco Van Emst. The latter has been working in transport industry for more than 10 years being well-known person in our logistic world. His skills are much wider than container business by giving opportunities for fast growth of our Rotterdam subsidiary, named Artmarine B.V. in all respects.
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