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Group of companies Artmarine, in cooperation with leading insurance companies, offers its clients services cargo insurance. You can insure any cargo carried by all modes of transport throughout the world.

Insurance coverage depends on the wishes of our customers - from the minimum, i.e. cargo insurance only on total loss, up to the maximum (insurance against all risks, including illegal acts of third persons). Also, if necessary, we can include coverage for war risks, risks of strikes,the risk of damage to reefer unit.

The insurance starts from the commencement of loading of cargo on the vehicle at the point of departure, continues during the whole transportation (including all overloads and temporary storage), and ends after unloading at the point of receipt.

In addition to the cost of the goods in the sum insured may include costs of transportation, freight forwarding, customs clearance. There is also the option of cargo insurance for 110% of the value of the goods from the real invoice cost.

Choosing cargo insurance through Artmarin Groups You get the best tariff rates, individual approach and cooperation with reputable insurance companies, as well as the professionalism of our staff that will help You choose the best for You, conditions of insurance, interaction and support in the settlement of insurance claims, assistance in collecting documents for the insurance company.

For information on cargo insurance You can contact our specialists.

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